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Our goal is to serve as a resource in Black and Brown communities where residents are disproportionately affected by homelessness and poverty . Through Advocacy and Grassroots community organizing we have created moments that turned into movements .  Gentrification and Displacement has pushed many families deeper into economic hardships and we are here to do our part to help our community Rise Above . 


About Rise Above

Inspiring Change

Rise Above was founded by Community Leader Tiffany Aziz  and Advocate for  Homeless families Jewel Stroman after they saw the need for more impactful resources East of the River . Rise Above serves as an Emergency Community Supply Hub providing a range of essential items , and supportive services and resources to Families/Individuals and the Homeless Community when they are facing immediate crisis East of the River ( Wards 7 and 8 )

 When available we provide emergency Baby diapers ( one pack of 10/15 or 20 per child )  Baby Formula ( one can per child )  Baby Clothes/Toddler Clothes , Hygiene kits , essential house hold items and specialize in linking homeless and struggling families with the necessary resources and Supportive Services to help them navigate the Housing/Homeless  system  . 

Meet The Founders :

Tiffany Aziz is a Community leader who in 2018 developed the " Not In My Community " movement to challenge Pepco's attempts to build a health hazardous Sub Station near her daughter's Elementary school , removing the community's farm and garden  . Tiffany spearheaded the NOMA/H Street Civic Association where she serves as Founder and President . She is also an At - Large member of ANC 6C Parks and Recreation Committee serving as the 6C06 Representative where she assist in the development of upcoming park projects while also providing oversight of the tent encampments .
 Currently she continues advocacy work to support homeless individuals, families,  senior citizens and community residents . Advocating on a wide range of topics from Housing to clean energy and fighting against Discriminatory practices . Tiffany has joined forces with other Community leaders and Advocates to Co - Organize several high profile protest aimed at raising awareness on homelessness in the Nation's Capital . 

Jewel Stroman  is an Advocate for homeless families  who was once formally homeless with her own family and  spent time in various shelter/housing programs within the District before  starting an Advocacy movement in 2016 to protest the horrific housing  conditions her family and other homeless families faced living at Motel 6.  Mrs. Stroman's advocacy movement caught the attention of mainstream media and the Mayor and led to every homeless family at Motel 6 receiving adequate housing and the city eventually pulling their contract with Motel 6 . 

To date Mrs.Stroman has helped over 300 homeless families obtain emergency shelter and housing in the District ( her advocacy for the unhoused  has been featured in the Washington City Paper , The Washington Post Newspaper  and more ) additionally Mrs.Stroman has Advocated for hundreds of Rapid Rehousing families living in slum conditions helping families to receive emergency relocations , emergency inspections and emergency maintenance repairs  . 
Mrs.Stroman has joined forces with other Organizations , Advocates , and ANC Commissioners to Lead and Co-Organize several high profile Protest and Marches to  Call for accountability and raise awareness for the homeless . In 2018 Mrs.Stroman spearheaded the Department of Human Services Advisory Board and currently serves as a board member where she and other Advocates and families make program improvement recommendations to the Department of Human Services  ( DHS ) and help DHS establish policies and procedures that are impactful and serve to help uplift the voices of homeless families . 

Together Tiffany Aziz and Jewel Stroman are a Powerhouse . Two women brought together by a passion to see change in their communities . 

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We work to ensure that residents who have been displaced or who have had to face the harsh  impacts of Gentrification have a voice and are equipped with basic necessities and connected to resources that they need in order  to help them to survive and overcome  . 



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We believe that there is no singular answer—every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact. There are many meaningful ways folks can help support our cause  . We depend on Community donations to help us continue to serve as a resource/Supply Hub for the Homeless population and communities   disproportionately impacted by COVID-19  and poverty . 

 We accept Hygiene kits/Gift Cards/ Preloaded smart Trip Cards/ Baby Items/ Pots / Pans and other household items ( in new or gently used condition ) We can also accept monetary donations at  $Rise2121 . Interested in donating please reach out to us at riseabove59@yahoo.com 



Our work is never done, and we can use all the help we can get. One of the ways you can take part is by Volunteering. Spread the word about all that Rise Above is doing, and help us gain the support we need. To inquire about upcoming volunteer opportunities shoot us an email riseabove59@yahoo.com 



Ready to make an impact by volunteering or donating ? Are you a resident of Ward 7/8 who is facing a crisis and need emergency Assistance? Please complete our contact form below  ( when requesting assistance please provide a brief summary explaining what your crisis is and what assistance you are in need of so that  we can clearly understand how best to help you ) because we depend on community donations the resource  items listed on our website ( pampers , baby formula etc ) are not guaranteed but we will give what we have on hand and work to connect folks with other resources if we are unable to meet all of your needs . 

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